June 12, 2014

World Cup 2014 –  Quotes

“One day we won’t have the World Cup, we will have inter-planetary contests.”
Sepp Blatter
FIFA president

“Though the Sport that I embraced is not football, undoubtedly,Football is the most favorite sport in the world”. The sport is loved, watched and followed very closely by billions of people in the world. With my exposure in Malaysia, I know, Craze is big time and the matches are shown in big screen even at every small eating house on the road.
When consider, why we as Sri Lankans have not hooked on to the game so well is simply the sport is not played at the highest level by Sri Lankans. This would have been the same scenario for Cricket, if we were not competitively competing with the rest of the world.

I feel it is high time that as a country, we put more focus to this sport to be competitive at least in Asia as the start and take it on from there. Then automatically spectators will join, interest will create and youngsters will join the sport in numbers.”

Nishan Wasalathanthri
Founder/ Managing Director
Promowatch Group of Companies

” The World Cup 2014 is to kick off today in Brazil. While wishing all the participating good luck it with great sorrow I say that this will go to Football history books as one of the World Cups that has faced the maximum of threats through out its preparations.

This has hampered the construction work immensely and with those mishaps it is stated in foreign reports that some of the stadiums are yet to be completed.

There were work stoppages and strikes from the workers in various most wanted segments till the last moment.

Brazil the country that boasts of many World Cups in its history facing this sort of crisis is something that all football fans are surprised to hear. In other parts of the world fans are eagerly waiting for the opening of the World Cup with enthusiasm.

Hope there be no more disputes arise during the World Cup to bring disrepute to the game of Football as all fans around the world are looking forward to watch football at its best from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.”

Bernard Perera
Veteran Journalist

I am, however, really surprised that Sabella did not call up Carlos Tevez. He has been a champion pretty much wherever he has gone and has had a great season with Juventus. I would have taken him but in the end it is clearly the manager’s choice and the fact is that Argentina are a very dangerous team that can win the World Cup.

Brazilian legend Zico

We’re really up for it. I think I’ve learned from what I did wrong at previous tournaments so I won’t make the same mistakes again. There’s no doubt people are buzzing: we have a very solid group of players and haven’t lost for a while.

[On the pitch] I’m a completely different person to who I am at home. I like winning and if I have to fight or argue my way to victory, I’ll do it.

Argentinian National player